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Manufacturer's Certification

Model 200 SSRII
Limited Warranty LIFETIME
Weight 2,105 lbs.
Height 87 inches
Width 51 inches
Length 96 inches
Forced Draft 150 cfm
Chimney Size 8 inch diameter
Firebox Depth 24 inches
Firebox Width 24 inches
Heating Area 5,000 sq. feet
Water Capacity 377 U.S. gallons
Firebox Door Opening 20 inches X 18 inches (WxH)

Quality - As the outdoor wood furnace industry's innovator in the use of stainless steel, HEATMOR�, Inc. can offer the finest in quality and craftsmanship and back it with the best warranty available. The new Models 200 SSR are constructed with the same 409 grade stainless steel as the original HEATMOR� furnaces that have been outperforming mild steel three to one (lasting up to three times longer).

The Response - The new HEATMOR� Response represents the culmination of over a year of research and development in the design of an outdoor furnace that meets the Heatmor exceptional standard of convenience, durability, and reliability, at the same time meeting the strict emission standard established by the US EPA OWHH Voluntary Program. What truly makes the Response stand out is the fact that it is designed and manufactured with the same tried and true methods that has made HEATMOR� a leader in the industry for over 25 years.

Emissions - The HEATMOR� 200 SSRII meets the EPA voluntary program - Phase 2 emissions level (EPA Phase 2 level) of 0.32 pounds of particulate matter per million BTUs of heat input. Always remember to comply with all applicable state and local codes, existing or pending legislation or state department rule making. EPA List