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 In 1984, Gerry Reed, President of  HEATMORâ„¢ made a commitment to build  the best performing and longest lasting  outdoor furnace on the market. In 1990, he  began constructing HEATMORâ„¢ furnaces  with heavy gauge 409 stainless steel, the  most corrosion resistant, durable material that could also be easily molded into an efficient and cost effective design.

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Rise of Propane Cost in the Midwest
See a more detailed graph here at

According to a Dec. 12 article in "Today in Energy" a section of, during the week ending Nov. 1, the U.S. consumed nearly 1.8 million barrels of propane per day, a figure typically not seen until January or Feburary. This demand caused inventories in the Midwest to fall to their lowest level for November since 1996.

"This boost in propane demand has created a spike in propane prices across the country" the article states. "The winter heating season is just beginning to affect consumption figures, so propane demand for the 2013-14 season could continue at a record pace into the spring.