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Since 1984, HEATMOR™ has manufactured quality outdoor furnaces with several 
unique safety and performance features. Each feature of the HEATMOR�™ 
contributes to the exceptional product design and efficiency of the furnace. 
As you read, you too will understand why HEATMOR�™ has built the reputation 
for exceptional quality, excellence and performance.

Stainless Steel
HEATMOR� began producing outdoor furnaces using Type 409 Stainless Steel in 1994. All furnace components that come in contact with fire or water are manufactured using Type 409 Stainless Steel ("titanium enhanced"). Residential models are manufactured with 10 gauge and Commercial models with 7 gauge. 
Prior to 1994, HEATMOR� manufactured outdoor furnaces using carbon steel. HEATMOR� chose to begin using Type 409 Stainless Steel due to its improved oxidation and corrosion resistance versus carbon steel. HEATMOR� found that outdoor furnaces manufactured using Type 409 Stainless Steel would last approximately three times longer than furnaces manufactured using carbon steel. It is this reason we are able to offer the most comprehensive warranty on the market. 

According to 82 percent of our customers, stainless steel construction proved to be the number one reason why they purchased a HEATMOR� outdoor furnace.*

Forced Air Combustion
The HEATMOR� has an over/under Forced Air Draft system that blows air above and below the fire. Forced draft furnaces have better heat recovery ability when compared to naturally aspirated furnaces. Forcing air onto the fire in the right places will generate a hot fire faster than a natural draft system. Forced draft will also burn larger wood more efficiently.

The forced draft feature was the reason 52 percent of our customers purchased a HEATMOR� outdoor furnace.*

Removable Ash Auger
The ash auger is a tool used to remove ash from the rear of the HEATMOR™ furnace. This makes for a more convenient and easy ash removal. There is no need to let the fire burn out to remove the ashes nor any need to shovel the ashes out the front door. The ash auger is a removable tool, inserted only at the time of ash removal. Once completed, the ash auger is stored outside the furnace.

Almost 50 percent of customers chose the ash auger system as one of the reasons they chose HEATMOR™.*

Water Cooled Firedoor
Having water thermo-siphon through the HEATMOR™ firebox door virtually eliminates door warpage, important in keeping an airtight system. Using a water-cooled door improves the efficiency of the furnace because it
increases the heat transfer area used to pull heat from the fire.
The HEATMOR� is insulated with fiberglass bat insulation, the same as used in insulating homes. The sides of the HEATMOR� are insulated with R-19 and the top with R-38. The insulation is non-flammable, easily accessible, long lasting and assists in the creation of a well-built efficient furnace.
Rapid Recovery Water Temperature
The HEATMOR� water capacity and forced draft fan along with the sand and firebrick bottom make for quick water temperature recovery during normal operation. With a quick water temperature recovery, there is no need for large water capacity.
Our new Limited Lifetime warranty which covers defects in materials as well as both corrosion and workmanship is by far one of the best in the industry. Our mission is to provide solid assurance in the exceptional quality, durability and strength of our products. Because we have such great confidence in our product, we are able to offer you one of the most comprehensive warranties in the industry. HEATMOR™ is the only company in the industry who provides service to your unit. The key to researching warranties is reading the fine print. (Complete warranty details.)
Double Door Construction
The Double Door feature allows preheated air to be drawn into the over/under Forced Air Draft system, increasing the efficiency of the burn. The lockable outer door on the HEATMOR™ provides an important safety feature, keeping children and unwanted guests out of the furnace.
The bladder allows the HEATMOR™ to be a semi-closed system, which will reduce evaporation and pressure buildup in the system. Because the bladder system holds the expanding water when heated, it reduces the need to add water. When you add water to the system, you also add contaminants, increasing the chance of rust and corrosion. The bladder is meant to increase the life of your furnace.
CSA Approval
The Canadian Standards Association (CSA) is a first class test certifying body that symbolizes the safety of products. Most insurance agencies require the product be CSA listed to be insured. The HEATMOR™ is CSA approved in the USA and Canada, which shows the quality and credibility of the product. See the HEATMOR™ certified product listing at www.csa-international.org.
The HEATMOR� is considered an open-bottom furnace. The bottom of the furnace is the most corrosive part of wood burning furnaces due to the collection of acidic ashes. In order to combat the corrosion issues in the bottom of the furnace, HEATMOR� utilizes sand surrounded by firebrick. The two-inch thick firebrick allows the fire to reach higher combustion temperatures in order to facilitate a more complete burn. Additionally, the mass of firebrick and sand allows for a heatsink which releases heat during the shutdown period of the burn cycle (when your furnace's water temperature is satisfied). The grates and ashpan are nestled in the sand to allow for easy ash removal without disturbing the burn.
Open Bottom System
The lower nine inches of the firebox is lined with two-inch thick firebrick. 

During operation, the firebrick will achieve temperatures in excess of 800�F. 
During the shutdown cycle, these hot bricks will evaporate condensation.

The firebrick is placed in the most corrosive area of the firebox, below the ash line. Therefore, it is not necessary to scrape the corners and look for corrosion. 
The firebrick will retain heat during shutdown. This, along with the forced draft 
system will re-ignite the fire more quickly. The area lined with firebrick will achieve 
a higher temperature during the burn cycle to allow for a more complete burn.

Efficiency Fact

Choosing an outdoor furnace is a decision you should only have to make once. 
At HEATMOR™, we are dedicated to providing you, the customer, a high quality product 
that will provide your family with many years of consistent, economical and reliable heat.

*Statistics according to HEATMOR™ 2005 Customer Survey results. Customers were able to choose the top three reasons 
why they purchased a HEATMOR™.